Daniel Jarchow

Hey! I’m Daniel.

I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but spent my formative years in Arkansas. I met my wife, Holly, there while studying ministry at Harding University. I could not have asked for a better partner in life and ministry! Before starting Sojourn, I worked in campus ministry in Arkansas, while finishing my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

I met Jesus the summer after my high school graduation. Depression, alcohol, and cheap tricks to control my emotions consumed my life. College loomed large in my mind as an opportunity to try something new. Over that summer, I committed to doing whatever Jesus asked of me, if He would give me a second chance at life. He hasn’t disappointed. 

He’s taken me to places in the world I thought I would never go and into depths of my heart I never wanted to go. In many ways, faith has been difficult for me. It’s been a long process and a struggle at times. Yet, my relationship with Jesus has been the most transformative aspect of my life. He has walked with me through terrible heartache, overwhelming doubts, and deepest joys. 

I’m a sojourner at heart. I thrive on experiencing nature, trying new food, biking streets I’ve never seen before, climbing mountains, standing in awe of ancient trees, and meeting all kinds of different people. I don’t completely know where I’m going, but I’m having a great time getting there! 

Finally, I love Seattle. And I love Udub. Exploring faith in the global, postmodern world of this place and creating communities for others to do the same is my passion. Leading this talented, passionate group of people at Sojourn is an honor.  

Let’s talk!  


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