Devon Sears

Hi, I'm Devon!

Are you confident that no one is as awkward as you? Do you think you are always the one embarrassing yourself in big groups? Are you ready for this social nightmare to end? Good news! Once you meet me, you’ll know that you are NOT the biggest goober in the room!

For most of my life, I pursued happiness in all the wrong places. However, addiction and pride never could satisfy my thirst. I was at the end of my patience with religion/spirituality. One night on top of a mountain is all it took for God to wrap me in His arms, and make me a son of God. That is the night I began my journey of knowing Jesus. I experienced healing and love through the life and death of Jesus in ways that I could not find in previous pursuits.  

I am still overcoming the brokenness in myself, and I still have questions and doubts about the world we live in, but that won’t stop me from doing some of my favorite things, which include:

  • Talking about Jesus

  • Playing disc golf

  • Biking the Burke Gillman

  • Hiking

  • Almost any sport

  • Playing guitar

  • Singing loudly

  • Dancing in the rain

  • Long walks on the beach

I am originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, but I am currently attempting to limit my southern accent. My southern hospitality, however, will never go away. After receiving a bachelor's degree in Sociology with minors in Philosophy and Psychology from Arkansas State University, I married the prettiest girl in the world, Diamond Sears. We have planted our family (two dogs and beta fish) in the U-District very close to campus, so I can be a full time campus minister at the University of Washington.

No one reaches out to people because of a bio they read on the internet...but no one likes to be a statistic either. So which will you choose? Contact me at:


Email me, and check me out on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat!