Inyoung Kim

Hi! I’m Inyoung.

I am from Seoul, South Korea. I decided to study in the States and transferred to Arkansas State University after I finished my freshman year in Korea. This is where I met my husband Ohki. I finished BS of Marketing in 2017 and moved to Seattle to be a part of Sojourn campus ministry.

I grew up with Christian church background, and many people in my life had tried to convinced me. But it never truly convinced me to believe god until I met Wolflife campus ministry at ASU. They taught me the story of bible and how great Jesus is, which was the main reason that I decided to get baptized. I would like to introduce Jesus to more people.

If you are currently looking for a great community that you can trust and rely on, Sojourn would be a perfect community for you. Sojourn will welcome you from the heart!

Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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