Ohki Hirano

Hi I'm Ohki,

I grew up in Tokyo. Went to Kobe University for two years majoring in physics/math, dropped out because I was bored and somehow realized I needed to go to the US. Firstly learned English in Melbourne, Florida and ended up in Arkansas State University for the other two years, majoring in computer science. That's where I met my wife, best friend, and Jesus. Currently I work in Seattle as a software engineer.

I grew up with no faith nor grace whatsoever. Making fun of religious people was my thing. I strongly believed in science as the counterevidence against God until 23 years old. Yep, I've done so many wrong, bad things in my life. But after all, I begged my best friend to baptize me for I have witnessed Jesus' presence and needed His help. It's a long story. I'm happy to share with you my life story with Jesus here in Sojourn campus ministry and that's actually what I'm here for.

I love Pho. I found this food when we moved to Seattle. And we've been analyzing various kinds of Pho and I think I've figured out what makes good Pho. I play bunch of video games too by the way.

See you around in U-district!