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Daniel Jarchow

Hey! I’m Daniel.

I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but spent my formative years in Arkansas. I met my wife, Holly, there while studying ministry at Harding University. I could not have asked for a better partner in life and ministry! Before starting Sojourn, I worked in campus ministry in Arkansas, while finishing my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

I met Jesus the summer after my high school graduation. Depression, alcohol, and cheap tricks to control my emotions consumed my life. College loomed large in my mind as an opportunity to try something new. Over that summer, I committed to doing whatever Jesus asked of me, if He would give me a second chance at life. He hasn’t disappointed. 

He’s taken me to places in the world I thought I would never go and into depths of my heart I never wanted to go. In many ways, faith has been difficult for me. It’s been a long process and a struggle at times. Yet, my relationship with Jesus has been the most transformative aspect of my life. He has walked with me through terrible heartache, overwhelming doubts, and deepest joys. 

I’m a sojourner at heart. I thrive on experiencing nature, trying new food, biking streets I’ve never seen before, climbing mountains, standing in awe of ancient trees, and meeting all kinds of different people. I don’t completely know where I’m going, but I’m having a great time getting there! 

Finally, I love Seattle. And I love Udub. Exploring faith in the global, postmodern world of this place and creating communities for others to do the same is my passion. Leading this talented, passionate group of people at Sojourn is an honor.  

Let’s talk!  


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Holly Jarchow

Hi, I’m Holly!

Alabama-native, wife to Daniel, pup-mom to Milton (our cockapoo), and lover of all things sweet. I graduated from Harding University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2015, and with a Masters in Communication Disorders from Arkansas State University in 2016. I currently work as a speech-language pathologist at a private practice in Everett, WA.

My greatest passion is to travel. My most transformative experiences have been when learning new cultures in new parts of the world. Outside of traveling, I am happiest to my core when I am listening to the stories of those around me with a good cup of joe in hand. Connecting with others through shared experiences is my happy place.

I decided to follow Jesus once I realized that in Him there was hope available to me. I didn’t have to remain in the darkness of who I was anymore. Jesus was saying, “I intended more for you. Let me help you find your healing and your adventure.” From that moment on I have been on a journey of discovering what those words mean.

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Isaac Mcnally

Hey, I’m Isaac!

I was born in Layton, Utah, but my family and I moved to Montana when I was 10. I’m grateful to have been raised with my older brother Jake and my younger sister AnneMarie in the Big Sky state where we had the privilege of living in the mountains, hunting and fishing with our dad and good friends.

One of the biggest blessings of my life is that I was raised by two Jesus-loving parents. While my mom battled stage four colon cancer through my early high school years, I got to see her fall in love with Jesus like I’d never seen anyone before, and watched my dad faithfully serve her through times of great weakness and need until her death. My mom’s faith in God and faithfulness until death was what first gave me true hope in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the coming resurrection of all his disciples.

After my mom died my junior year of high school, I struggled through my senior year and battled severely with anxiety and depression in my early college years. My personal relationship with God really flourished towards the end of my sophomore year in college and that led me to move to Matagalpa, Nicaragua where I did mission work for 6 months with my good friend Pablo.

Upon my return from Nicaragua, I moved to Lubbock, Texas, where I got a bachelor's degree in Biblical studies from Sunset Bible Institute. While in Lubbock I fell in love with college ministry, as I was able to spend time with students from Texas Tech and LCU. It was also there that I met my adventurous and beautiful wife, Heather. Following graduation, Heather and I moved to Commerce, Texas where I accepted the job as a college minister serving on the campus of Texas A&M Commerce. 

Heather and I quickly became family with many of our college students in Commerce and will forever cherish our three years of serving in campus ministry there. 2019 has been a year filled with increased prayerfulness for Heather and I. We were excited when God opened a door of opportunity for us to move to Seattle and join Sojourn, and we were able to make the move in June. We’re eager to begin developing Christ-centered relationships with students at the University of Washington. 

I’m a Denver Broncos, Utah Jazz and Chicago Cubs fan. Since moving to Lubbock, I’ve become a fan of Texas Tech sports, and I’m excited to follow UW sports. I’m an avid outdoorsman who loves to hunt, fish and hike. Heather and I love to hike and camp together with our dog Samson. My wife and I are both really competitive so naturally we like almost any sport. My greatest passion is getting to lead people to a relationship with Jesus, who has brought peace and fulfillment to my life in the midst of hardship and adversity. This life is challenging, but it’s worth the effort when walking alongside Jesus, my wife Heather, and my church family who’ve blessed me every step of the way.

I’d love to get together for lunch or a cup of coffee and hear your story.

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Heather Mcnally

Hi friends! 

Heather here, I’m so excited to meet all of you who are reading this!

I’m originally from Texas where I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition. Texas is also where I met my amazing husband, Isaac. Our relationship has consisted of following Jesus wherever He has led and it's been an amazing adventure that has landed us in Seattle, with our sweet pup Samson! While in Texas I had clients as both a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. However, most of my time was spent on the Texas A&M Commerce University campus where Isaac was the college minister. I loved co-leading this ministry investing in college aged women! We moved to Seattle to join the Sojourn Campus Ministry in June 2019 and couldn’t be more excited to adapt and invest in the lives of the students at UW! 

I was blessed to grow up in a Christ centered family with two parents who are in love with each other! I have two brothers and one sister, all of whom are married with kids! My entire family has always been extremely close. I cherish having that intimacy with my family because it has taught me the type of intimacy we want to have as the church. Some of the things I’m most excited about with Sojourn is assisting in cultivating a familial environment among college students and helping walk through life with students as we both become more Christ-like together. Personally, my college years were pivotal in the trajectory of my relationship with Christ. I know the lows that come with not choosing Him throughout college, but I also have experienced His grace when allowing Him to transform my life into an adventure I could’ve never dreamed up on my own. 

For fun I love snuggling our sweet dog, hiking, anything outside, playing games, cooking, coffee, jamming to nothing but good music...and a lot of other things!

There are too many to squeeze into a short bio so let’s just meet for coffee and chat about life!


Ethan Pollard

Hi! I’m Ethan!

I was born in a small town in Arkansas, and raised in an even smaller town (like a few hundred people small). I eventually moved off to college at Arkansas State University where, five years later, I earned a teaching degree. I also met my future wife Heather there! I am currently the 8th grade Science Teacher and Educational Technologist at the Edmond S. Meany Middle School.

I grew up going to church with my mother and brother. In that small country church I learned a lot of foundational things about the Bible, but I never found my faith. Once in college, the emptiness and shallowness I had with my friends left me feeling alone. I found community, and eventually faith, through a ministry at my university. After finding this, I knew it wasn’t something for me to harbor. I wanted other people to have what I experienced, and that led me here!

I really love to explore where I am. One of my favorite things to do is to go to new places near where I live, and try new foods! I really love spending time just having fun with my friends and meeting new people. I am really passionate about community and politics. I find a weird amount of fun in having long talks about hard issues.

Hit me up sometime!


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Heather Pollard

Hey, I'm Heather!

From small town Arkansas to Seattle, Washington, my journey has led many places. I grew up in Mountain View, AR to a dedicated Mama and Daddy and life was pretty much like your average country song. I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from college all thanks to two sacrificial parents and God. At Arkansas State University, a campus ministry stole my heart and I knew God was calling me to follow Him. The community I found there changed my life and I experienced God's love like never before.

I graduated in 2015 with a B.S. in Psychology and married the love of my life and fellow sojourner, Ethan, in 2016. I've had the pleasure of working for several ministries and non-profits that have given me an abundance of joy. I currently work at Stevens Elementary School as an office administrator, using my skills to benefit the lives of students.

I dream of a world set free with no more slavery or pain, and I am determined to give of myself until Jesus comes back around. I am a studier of people, lover of pretty sounds, admirer of all things antique, and a cat lady. I am passionate about Women's rights, abolishing slavery, and adoption. I just try to follow the one who made me.

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Inyoung Kim

Hi! I’m Inyoung.

I am from Seoul, South Korea. I decided to study in the States and transferred to Arkansas State University after I finished my freshman year in Korea. This is where I met my husband Ohki. I finished BS of Marketing in 2017 and moved to Seattle to be a part of Sojourn campus ministry.

I grew up with Christian church background, and many people in my life had tried to convinced me. But it never truly convinced me to believe god until I met Wolflife campus ministry at ASU. They taught me the story of bible and how great Jesus is, which was the main reason that I decided to get baptized. I would like to introduce Jesus to more people.

If you are currently looking for a great community that you can trust and rely on, Sojourn would be a perfect community for you. Sojourn will welcome you from the heart!

Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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Ohki Hirano

Hi I'm Ohki,

I grew up in Tokyo. Went to Kobe University for two years majoring in physics/math, dropped out because I was bored and somehow realized I needed to go to the US. Firstly learned English in Melbourne, Florida and ended up in Arkansas State University for the other two years, majoring in computer science. That's where I met my wife, best friend, and Jesus. Currently I work in Seattle as a software engineer.

I grew up with no faith nor grace whatsoever. Making fun of religious people was my thing. I strongly believed in science as the counterevidence against God until 23 years old. Yep, I've done so many wrong, bad things in my life. But after all, I begged my best friend to baptize me for I have witnessed Jesus' presence and needed His help. It's a long story. I'm happy to share with you my life story with Jesus here in Sojourn campus ministry and that's actually what I'm here for.

I love Pho. I found this food when we moved to Seattle. And we've been analyzing various kinds of Pho and I think I've figured out what makes good Pho. I play bunch of video games too by the way.

See you around in U-district!


Jake Modesitt

Hey, I’m Jake!

I was born and raised in the Central Valley of California and moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington. I graduated from UDUB in 2017 with a degree in microbiology and am currently on a journey to attend medical school. 

My faith story is typical to what a lot of people have heard before. I grew up in a Christian home where I was a “believer” and my mom forced me to go to church on Sundays. It wasn’t until I moved out on my own in college where my real relationship with Jesus began. I experienced times of deep anxiety and depression my first years as a college student, but my faith and relationship with Jesus changed me and got me through those times. A Bible verse that quite frankly saved my life in those times (and is tattooed now on my body forever) was 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.  So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” Knowing the things in my earthly life that were causing the anxiety and depression were only temporary and having a God to look towards in those times with a glory that is eternal is something so inspiring to me. I want every college student to have that comfort!

For fun, I’m a huge sports fan and pizza lover! In my spare time you will most likely find me watching a Husky football game, Dodgers baseball game, or doing a pizza review with my beautiful girlfriend Christina. I can’t wait to spend this year helping people get to know Jesus before I begin my life as a faith-driven physician!

I’d love to hear from you!

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