Making the Most Out of College

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COLLEGE. Idolized in the hearts of high school students. Glorified in movies and music. And made into legends by all who have graduated. And why not? It’s an amazing time of life!  


Some of my favorite memories are from college. Staying up all night, acting a fool, learning to play disc golf, and making friends. 


Some of my most important memories are from college. The sleepless nights wrestling with questions of faith, learning about the world, meeting the love of my life, and becoming who I am today. 


College is arguably the most transformative time in your life. Make the most of it! 


Here are 7 ways: 

1.     Meet the people around you.

Random introductions turn into life-long friendships on campus every single day. It’s one of the truly incredible things about college. The hard truth is that friendships tend to be much more difficult to make once you graduate. However, while you’re in college, you’re surrounded by people your age, people who have common interests as you, and people who have more free time than they ever will again! Get to chatting.  

2.     Join a club on campus. 

At UW there are over 900 Registered Student Organizations! Find one you’re interested in online. Remind me, what’s that weird thing you love again? Yeah, there’s a club for that. Hate being around people? There’s a club for that. Yes, UDub has an antisocial social club! If you’re a person of faith or someone interested in faith, then this is critical for you. Faith grows in the soil of community. 

3.     Have fun.

Some of you need to go have fun! You literally can’t study 24 hours a day (find some time to sleep too!). Let go of the anxiety. Attend the game. Try new food. Hangout with friends. Go on a date. Those are the things you’ll remember. 

4.     Go to class. 

Some of you need to go to class! If you don’t do your work now, lost scholarships and a bad GPA are in your future. More than these possible consequences, learning is a privilege that few people get! Learning comes with a responsibility to use it for the good of others. Make the world a better place by learning everything you can in your classes. 

5.     Don’t live with your parents. 

I get it, you love your parents and your parents love you. That doesn’t mean you need to live together for the rest of your life! You need this adulting experience of living on your own. Talk about an important life skill! Yeah, eighteen-year-old Daniel was shocked by how quickly laundry and dishes pile up! Moving out for college better prepares you to be an adult once you leave (visit home on a weekend or two!). As a bonus, it’s a great way to make new friends through dorm or apartment life.

6.     Be a new you. 

College is a new start. You don’t have to stay the person you were in high school. Those things you regret? No one knows about them. Those insecurities you’ve been wanting to work past? This is the perfect time. That shell you’ve been waiting to come out of? Welcome to the party. Who do you want to be?

7.     Ask the tough questions. 

College is a time of exploration. Your perspective will be broadened, and your worldview will be formed during your college years. Form it intentionally! What is life about? How can I contribute meaningfully to society? Who is God and how can I know him? 


Do these things to have an incredible college experience. It’s a gift so let’s make the most of it.


What would you add to the list? 

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