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Discussions on relationships, culture, and faith.


Welcome to our blog!


This is like our virtual living room. So come in, take a seat, grab some coffee, and stay as long as you want!


What’s this blog about? 

1.    Relationships. Culture. Faith. These are the things I spend my time thinking about. Don’t you?  Relationships are the substance of life. It’s what makes it meaningful!  The summation of all of our relationships create cultures. We create the culture, but the culture also creates and changes us. We should engage it wisely. And faith. If there is a God and we can know him, then there isn’t anything more important than that. But, how do we find God in a world where he can feel so absent? 

2.    Some of the topics we tackle will be intense. We’re going to talk about the things that are on our hearts: social justice, doubts, fears, sex, and yes—God. We also just want to have fun! Life is filled with good things. What should you do on a sunny Seattle day? How do you make the most out of your college experience? 

3.    More than anything, we want to create a blog that’s valuable to you no matter who you are or where you are spiritually. Whatever journey you’re on, we want to come along. It’s okay if you’re not religious! All are welcome here. Try it out and see if our discussions are helpful to you. 

4.    The Sojourn Blog is a two-way street. Join in the discussion, raise unasked questions, and disagree. We all get better that way. 


You may be thinking, is this blog for you?And the short answer is—well of course!

·     The blog is primarily for college students and other young adults. There are certain struggles we face because of our stage of life and unique place in history that are different from other generations. We want to focus on those.

·     However, it will also be useful for anyone who loves the next generation and wants to better understand them. If you are a church or campus ministry leader, parent, or anyone else, I hope this blog will be helpful for you as well. We would love your input!


What should you expect? 

·     We will post a blog every Tuesday at noon. We may post more often in the future, but for now this is where we want to start. To begin, we're going to write a few posts more quickly than that so you can get a feel for our blog. 

·      I (Daniel) will be the main contributor, but there will also be a lot of guest writers. These will be other members of the Sojourn community, people from other organizations, friends, and potentially you!

·     If you’re interested in receiving the blog directly to your email, sign up at the bottom of the page.


So that’s it!


A sojourn is a temporary stay along a journey. We hope this blog will be a consistent sojourn for you to come back to during your week. We are so glad you are here. Stay awhile!